To start with, Marshmallow is the latest upgraded version in Android operating system which is integrated in the present Smart Phones. While carrying out various types of tests by the developers it has been noticed that rather than lollipop version smart phones, marshmallow version smart phones have greater battery stand by. In order to enable a greater battery stand by marshmallow comprises of features like doze and app standby. Because of doze the phone will automatically go to the sleep mode if it remains unused for a longer time period. With the help of app standby the battery will not get drained when the apps are rarely used in the phones.

For example, if you did not use any app for three consecutive days, then the battery will not be drained for those apps. Because of app standby we can get alert messages for power saving and by seeing the alert messages the user can set their options for each and every app for power saving such as auto save power option, always save power option and turn off the app power saving. Marshmallow had made it easier instead of setting different types of screen locks the user can simply use their fingerprint. Even though the fingerprint scanners are found earlier, only the marshmallow provides the fingerprint scanner natively. Moreover the marshmallow secures your privacy.

Since the fingerprint is the major pass to the device, the user can authenticate their banking apps in the device safely and securely. In android marshmallow the apps are designed as permissions model which will ask for permission during usage of each and every app. The user can allow or deny the permissions displayed. It is not necessary for the user to give apps access all the time. Android Marshmallow will let you to define what you want to share and when to share. The user can turn permissions off at any time, too.