Desktop App Testing

We test the desktop application with different operating systems environments like Windows, Linux, Unix, and MAC OS X. Tresflex team will test your desktop applications using the complicated usability and interface testing and also the functional tests. We perform the tests like Regression, Integration & Smoke testing for your desktop application.

Your desktop applications will also be tested in both Offline / Online conditions. Through online the app testing could be slow but in offline it could be stable and it depends on the application  whether it uses internet or not. Any problem in Hardware configuration or low storage space? Don’t be confused while tresflex is here to test your application in any issues. We have a team of highly expertise testing engineers who have tested many projects which you could see in our portfolio.

Our desktop application testing techniques

Tresflex offer a complete range of desktop app testing services to identify and eradicate all possible issues / bugs that may commonly arises when your application goes live.

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Functional testing

We verifies the efficient implementation of project functional requirement for which the application was intended to develop.  We test the functionality by forming various test cases and inputting the actual data to verify the output with the expected result.


Performance testing

We checks the performance of the application under specific action and measures the intensiveness of the action along with the time required to perform. We also make sure that app is able to handle large number of user under limited period of stressful session.


Regression Testing

Here we test the application even it undergoes minor changes and we prepare the impact analysis to make sure that change does not break the application. Our main intention of this testing is to ensure that change in one part does not affects the other part of the application.


Smoke Testing

We make the smoke testing as part of our basic testing to identify the simple failure or to find whether the application is badly broken which needs to be fixed before proceeding with other necessary testing. This level of testing will be mostly done by our developers before we give the build to our software tester for further testing.