Hybrid Mobile Apps

Hybrid Mobile Apps

Hybrid mobile apps are commonly called as web apps, as this apps are developed with the combination of using both native and HTML5 technologies. Exact definition of Hybrid app is that web app built using HTML5 and Javascript which then embedded in a native vessel to get the composite of native apps effectiveness.

Speedup the app development and get released to market faster Tresflex uses cutting-edge technology method in developing the Hybrid apps providing great advantage of using single development coding deployed across multiple operating system which thereby cutting the cost and time. Also Hybrid apps will be advised for the customers who would like to update the apps frequently because the biggest advantage is that the content gets updated directly from the web unless there is any requirement for integral change of the functionality. Tresfles Hybrid app developers converts your thoughts into app assets that stands out.

Hybrid App Development Advantages


Simplified development and cost wise economical


Coverage of all platforms like Android, iOS & Windows


Easy scaling for different platforms


Time saver when releasing new features for all platforms


Common coding makes business simpler


Extremely faster in deployment and maintenance