Mobile App Testing

According to mobile apps reviews from app store, users find many bugs, low performance and version compatibility issues for some of the applications. To get rid of this, mobile application testing is mandatory to take the application to next level. When it comes to mobile application testing, we test your apps either by manual or automated testing using different devices and emulators.

In mobile application testing, we provide a service of clearing all the potential problems in the application which makes the users to be unstressed. In tresflex, we make sure that we test and solve all the bugs and make your application to be high rated in the app store.

Our mobile application testing techniques

Tresflex offer a complete range of mobile app testing services to identify and eradicate all possible issues / bugs that may commonly arises when your application goes live.

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Functionality testing

Nowadays mobile apps are developed with most complex functionalities and we offer the functionality testing solution which can able to handle this increasing mobile app of this complexity. We also face the challenge of aggressive timelines fixed by our customer to release the application into the market which makes us to implement the automated testing for large scale application to reduce our testing time.


Performance testing

Mobile apps that passes functionality testing is necessary to undergo performance testing as it is important before release of any application to the app store. In tresflex, we test any particular mobile application through measuring the response time of user interface experienced by end user and whether it is within the acceptable boundary limit that satisfies the customer.


Load testing

This testing service gives our customer the confidence that mobile app developed is able to withstand the pressure of usage by the maximum end users of real world. In tresflex, our experienced software tester will craft the script of test cases for load testing the application using Apache Jmeter and identifies the bottleneck that needs to be sorted to meet all the requirements of our customer.


Compatibility testing

This is a non-functional testing ensures customer satisfaction. In this testing, we verify whether the application is proficient enough to work with different devices, operating system and networks like Wifi, 2G, 3G, 4G, etc. We develop this testing during development stage before we release this application for testing by our software tester.


Installation testing

We used to test whether the application is able to be installed properly into various devices with various OS version and it will be compatible to app up gradation through app store, when uninstalled it should be flushed out completely. We perform this testing to ensure that end user does not face any issue during the installation or uninstallation of application from their devices.


Security testing

Today most of the business have taken the mobile mode, hence it is more essential to maintain the confidentiality and protect the application from leakage of any information. In tresflex, we analyze the complete scenario of risk in your application and we mitigate by providing proper solution as we are in the responsibility of protecting your end users data’s are being securely maintained.