Mobile Application Development

In this advanced world with development in Engineering and technology, communication mediums plays vital role in connecting all parts of this earth. The introduction of mobiles in telecommunication world has revolutionary effect on the people thus making this world looks smaller in size. Now people are looking for more simplified communication medium resulting into more and more inventions which are coming to the face of the world.

According to recent survey, there are nearly 2.0 billion active smartphone mobile which is 50% of the total mobile phone users worldwide. In the current scenario, dependency on mobile phones as significant factor for communication which has given birth to Mobile Application Development. Mobile App Development has simplified communication with internet, now people can enjoy unlimited calls with VOIP applications, Play games, manage business activities and earn revenue with it. Tresflex knows how to develop Mobile Apps across a variety of platforms and devices including of iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Window Mobile.

Mobile Apps For Various Industries

  • Education
  • Health Care & Hospitality
  • Media & Entertainment

  • Manufacturing
  • E-Commerce
  • Finance

Mobile App Development Services

Native Mobile Apps

We build amazing native mobile apps for iOS and Android platforms which is easy to use. Our native apps are rated highly by users because of fast performance and high degree of reliability.

Hybrid Apps

Hybrid apps are the combination of both native and web applications in terms of user experience. It has the good feature of integration with a device file system and Web-based services.

Cross Platform Mobile Apps

Cross platform mobile apps are developed through singular platform to run on multiple mobile devices. Here app strikes the market simultaneously and reduces the cost drastically.

Application Types

  • Chat / Photo Sharing Application
  • Business Application
  • Educational Application

Area of Expertise

  • Advertisement Integration
  • Payment Process Integration
  • API Integrationn

  • Security Application
  • Media Application
  • Sports Application

  • Webservice Integration
  • Near field communication
  • Bluetooth Connectivity

  • Travel Application
  • E-commerce Application
  • GPS Tracking Application

  • Push notifications & in-app purchase

Our Mobile App Portfolios



iEatHome is an App Platform that connects the supply to the demand of cooked and uncooked food products where the user could be the Consumer as well as the Provider (supplier). It is a app for both restaurant owners and public where they can register and add their menu contents, prices, photos of the food item which will will stored in the database. In this app, you can register and order their foods online and view the menu from separate provider by selecting your name and also can check your previous orders. You will get notification when orders are placed against it and can post that one item or as many as you can.



Fliptt is mortgage calculator which is designed to support features of Australian mortgages. It has the support for offset accounts, redraw facilities, overpaying and underpaying. Instead of just allowing you to make extra repayments, this calculator allows you to redraw and calculate the how much it costs you over the term. If you’ve made extra repayments, you can lower your payments below the minimum and pay from your redraw balance or offset account. We have designed this app with a clean and beautiful design so that the users may get attracted to it.



iwantitlikenow is a app which provides professional services, social services and many along with messaging or a chat facility for the customers and the vendors. This app includes the chat option in which the customers could share their informations to the vendors in order to resolve their queries. We created this app to make the user to be satisfied with the services which are included for the customer page. The customers can also create their profile and chat using the services provided in the app.


Business Directory

This business directory application was developed in both iOS and Android version for one of our client in Kuwait. The client wanted us to create a beautiful, simpler application that is an user friendly one. We designed the application as per client approached with the main functionality which searches the contacts within the group and also allows the user to make VIP calls.


Lineup buddy

This app is generated in both iOS and Android version for baseball coaches to have track of the team’s player position in the ground for different innings and games during the season. App also includes the functionality of converting the final position of the players to pdf format and emailing for further review. Our team made our client well satisfied as this app worked flawlessly in both the mobile platform it was developed.