Native Mobile Apps

Native Mobile Apps

Native mobile apps are developed specifically for a mobile operating system using native languages of the platforms such as Apple uses Objective-C or Swift for iOS, Google uses Java for Android and Microsoft uses C# or Visual Basic for Window phones. Also the apps are built within matured ecosystem in accordance with technical guidelines and user experience of operating system which gives easy access and higher degree of reliability.  The significant advantage of native app is that the compilation happens into machine code which gives the excellent performance and user experience. For a company promoting the brand or services who are customer focused and market driven organization gains an instant competitive advantage and advancing their organization without compromise.

At tresflex, Native apps are developed within a mature ecosystem following the technical and user experience guidelines of the OS. Our native apps not only has the advantage of faster performance but also makes you feel right. Our clients are more satisfied and thus more likely to learn how to navigate and use the app faster. Developing native applications have the significant advantage of being able to easily access and utilize the built-in capabilities of the user’s device like GPS, address book, camera etc.

Native Mobile App Development Services

IOS App Development

iOS is an operating system with an unique technology launched by apple which is specifically used for world’s most popular and prestigious devices like iPhone and iPad. In comparison with other mobile phones, iPhones considered as the only phone that is completely dominant in United States. We always take pleasure in developing iOS app because of its clean screen, user interactive interface and its universal way to display complex data. Also iOS comes with the opportunity to use high end development technologies like Objective-C as programming language, xcode as SDK, Cocoa framework and third party libraries to build highly competitive applications that makes your business concept into reality.


Android App Development

Android is an operating system of open source technology launched by google. As Android being the fastest growing platforms in comparison with others because it can be customized with seemingly endless options. In the development of Android applications we use the technology such as Android SDK, Location based API’s, Media API’s, security architecture and 3D graphics to deliver the app that will surpass thousands of applications in the google play store.


Windows App Development

Windows apps is an excellent emerging platform which is commonly preferred by most mobile companies across the globe for developing robust and attractive applications for all sort of business purpose. Window phones are steadily growing without any set back since its introduction in the year 2010 and over the years Windows as gained enormous potential to become a successful platform.


Native Mobile App Development Advantages


Speedy Performance & Quick responsiveness


Excellent Look and Feel gives fluidic experience


Effective usage of device capabilities


App Store visibility and Good comments


Easier to integrate any third party API’s


Completely Safe and Secured