With new release of Apple’s iOS 10, its features in iPhone and iPad is dramatically different , this will have major changes in your daily phone and tablet routine.iOS 10 is available on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, unless of course you have an age-old phone or tablet that still uses the 30-pin dock connector or an older iPad mini or iPod touch. One among the most excited users, we’ve compiled a roundup of all the exciting new features, big and small, that you should know about on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch.


  • Separate settings for Mail, Contacts & Calendar: Though it is not a huge change, this new setting will save your time, as these settings are not grouped together now when you are looking to alter the settings for these apps.
  • New ‘Shared Notes’ Feature: User can now add other people to their Notes so that more than one person can read, edit, or add to them. There are options to share an iCloud link to our note via other apps like Twitter, Gmail, iMessage, and more from the “Add People” screen.
  • 3 column view mail: Users will get a three column view by enabling this feature. Users can quickly scroll through all the messages in a thread and easily find a specific email. New filter button in the mail will let the user to arrange the mails by criteria like message with attachments, flagged, unread, addressed to you or CC ed. Also, there is an option that the mail app will detects the hidden “Unsubscribe” button and helps the user to stay away from spam.
  • Auto Suggestion folder feature for mail: iOS 10 will auto suggest the folder right away for the user who want to store the mail. The user can select the folder and figure out which folder to send a specific mail.
  • Optimize Storage: Automatically delete songs that you aren’t listening to and for music lovers can optimize their phone storage by “Settings -> Music -> Optimize Storage”. User can set “minimum storage” amount which will free space when the memory is running low on space.
  • Automatic download option for music to hear it in offline: This new option will let the user to automatically download songs that you add to your Apple music library. Thus the user can listen to songs when there is no internet connectivity. It can be done by “Settings -> Music and then looking for it under the “Downloads” section.”
  • Sync lyrics of song with Apple Music: With Apple Music, by sliding up the player which will reveals the Lyrics.
  • Messages: Message App will allow to send GIFs in iOS 10. The best part is, these GIFs can be sent and viewed properly to non-iOS devices as well. There are previews for Youtube, Yelp. There is no need to switch between apps, the links sent in Messages now display the player inline. You can draw animated messages using Digital touch button and try out new gesture commands. Also you can send handwritten messages in iOS 10.
  • Simplified photo search: Users could search for some keywords and can see all the content on your phone that meets that criteria. Example, if they search for “Cat” and can see all the associated/ related contents.
  • Photos: New feature – Brilliance: which will emphasize highlights or shadows more quickly rather than doing it separately. Users can create montages of their photos and videos which iOS 10 will allow to mark up an image in mail and message apps.
  • Block Spam Calls: Users can now add filters for spam lists, so that your iPhone will automatically block calls from known telemarketers, scammers, and other sources of annoyance.
  • Access camera: you’ll be able to access your camera without unlocking your phone.
  • Clear All Notifications: By using 3D Touch right now, user can now clear all notifications by Swipe down to open your Notifications, then force press the “X” in the upper-right corner to open the “Clear All Notifications” button.
  • Maps: Apple maps will help the users to identify where they have parked without wandering around. You will need to connect your iPhone to your car’s Bluetooth, or to CarPlay, in order to get the feature to work.
  • Universal Clipboard – Copy and Paste Between Devices: If you have Sierra installed on your Mac then you can copy something from your iPhone and it will sync to your “universal clipboard” so you can paste the content to your mac and this will works vice versa.