Android Operating System is developed by Google. The latest version of Android is Nougat. Latest release 7.1.2 is launched on January 30, 2017.  Tremendous features are added in Nougat to change the lifestyle easier in daily routine.

  1. Multi window view

In modern life, Everyone needs a multi tasking device. Nougat presents you a great feature of Multi window mode, which can run independently. Top window helps to work with an  application, while the other window, makes you to switch between multiple applications. Slider is for changing the height of the windows.

  1. Emoji and Multi Lingual

Among 1500 emoji, Nougat gives you 72 new emoji to enhance your chat experience. It makes you easier for funny communication, used in taking notes, checklist etc.

Mother tongue communication makes us to feel better and give happy always. Nougat speaks for you. Introducing Multi lingual feature enabled in your soft keyboard. You can use your language or more than 2 languages for communication.

  1. Recent Apps

We need fast and multiple application access as same time. Your dream comes true with    Recent Apps.

Nougat gives a perfect UI for recent apps card. You can have multiple applications open and switch between the apps easier. Swipe the card to close the application.

Clear all setting is also available at the top of the screen to close all application at one touch. Switch between recent apps by double tapping on the card. It will show most recent app and 2nd most recent app without opening anywhere. It also works in multi window mode.

  1. Quick setting

Frequent usage applications can be placed in the quick setting. A short quick setting screen consist of few number of applications by further dragging, it will expand to the full screen.
In Nougat, the customization of the order of application in the screen can be done simply drag and drop. Adding new application can be done using Edit mode; drag the application to the drawer as your wish. Multiple pages are available in quick setting if you want.

  1. Settings

It’s a treat for eye by giving awesome UI. You can switch between more settings from single setting page. It’s very useful for quick jump between settings.

Suggestion section is at the top of the screen.

Data Saver: Restrict the uses of data by many applications at a time. By toggle, we can give access to the apps for data usage.

Double tapping on the app shows the details of the app. We can see whether the app is installed by the play store or side loaded. Display size can be adjusted.

Storage: UI is marvellously changed. Little cards displays rather than the list of options.

Users:Emergency information can be saved. Address, emergency contacts, allergies, Medicine, Organ donor (Y or N) . It can be accessed from the lock screen by tapping on the emergency link, on the top, link is provided. It redirects to the emergency info screen.

Developer option: Web view implementation can be enabled. It can give access to allow apps to multi window mode.

  1. Smarter Notification

Bundled Notification: Unbundle the Notification by tap on the top of the card, it will expand. Quick reply can be done on the notification itself. We can have specific settings for particular application. Tapping on setting shows pop up for

  1. Show notification silently
  2. Block all notification
  3. Don’t silence or block.
  1. Doze – Smarter Battery

Battery performance is a great issue in every mobile. Introducing Doze in Nougat, which is used for taking care of battery usage. It’s is very helpful to save the battery by keeping mobile in sleep mode when not in use. No more battery drains from seldom used application. It limits the impact of battery life. You will be free from charging frequently.

  1. Vulkan Graphics API

Vulkan API is a gift for Gamers. Game development can be done in High performance, 3D Graphics, mainly it reduces CPU over-head. The gamers can enjoy their play and feel a new enormous and enthusiastic experience which drags them into a new world

  1. Security and Updates

Google is always giving important to user’s security. Thereby, they launch a new method for updating software. Needed updates for the software are automatically done in the background process. So you need not wait for the restart of the mobile. The updates can be activated the user power up next time. All the process is done seamlessly.

File Based Encryption is used in Nougat for file level security. Each file is encrypted with unique key and can unlock independently. New messages and mails can also be encrypted and stored in the local storage.

Direct Boot feature adds more security for the users. The permission can apply only for the folder, not the entire root directory.

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