Fliptt is mortgage calculator which is designed to support features of Australian mortgages. It has the support for offset accounts, redraw facilities, overpaying and underpaying. Instead of just allowing you to make extra repayments, this calculator allows you to redraw and calculate the how much it costs you over the term. If you have made extra repayments, you can lower your payments below the minimum and pay from your redraw balance or offset account. We have designed this app with a clean and beautiful design so that the users may get attracted to it.

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Jesus Tells

The all new Jesus Tells App was designed to be the most innovative and informative bible app. This is a free bible app includes the feeling of hearing the Holy Bible verses by the Lord Jesus Christ.The Lord Jesus Speaks to you through this app and also answers the topics which you want to know from the Holy Bible.This is the Best Bible App which has the features like reading the Bible verses, asking jesus about our favourite topic and also hearing all these through Jesus voice. This is an American Bible version in which you can see all the bible verses in American style and also could see the animations that start with jesus risen from the cross in this Jesus Tells app.

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Nivel 1

Our application will allow you to know all the news that the room has for you.You can find promotions of the room, photo gallery, news about products and make a reservation! In the "More" section you can see our Facebook fanpage, photo galleries and videos, our location and you can also send us any questions or suggestions you may have for us.

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Lineup Buddy

This app is generated in both iOS and Android version for baseball coaches to have track of the team’s player position in the ground for different innings and games during the season. App also includes the functionality of converting the final position of the players to pdf format and emailing for further review. Our team made our client well satisfied as this app worked flawlessly in both the mobile platform it was developed.

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Godhum is a quest for selling good quality whole wheat flour which has introduced three brands of whole wheat flour in the market. This website is mainly used for the business of atta and also their future products like Salt, Pasta, Noodles & other flours. The Godhum team looks forward for their contribution in purity and nutrition in food. The godhum team approached our team to develop the website using WordPress CMS tools with perfect user experience which would add value to their company. As a result, We did it!!

Sober Sense

Sobersense application is mainly designed in order to find whether employees are drinking while driving by using BACTrack breathalyzer blutooth device.The BACTrack Mobile Pro integrates a SmartPhone app and police-grade breathalyzer to bring Blood-Alcohol Content (BAC) wirelessly to your device. This app Quickly and easily estimate your blood alcohol content (BAC),track your results and estimate when your BAC will return to 0.00%. The main features we used in here is Bluetooth Connectivity, innovative tracking, and personalization. The photos and their readings are synchronized and uploaded to the server.

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Business Directory

This business directory application was developed in both iOS and Android version for one of our client in Kuwait. The client wanted us to create a beautiful, simpler application that is an user friendly one. We designed the application as per client approached with the main functionality which searches the contacts within the group and also allows the user to make VIP calls.

Relianse Taxi

The Relianse Taxi App is a Web based application which has been designed for both customer and driver. The project contains the following modules like Device Registration and login, MyPlaces, More Places, Trending. In the app,A new user should register the mobile number and receive One Time Password (OTP) which makes a successful registration.After the registration, the user can login the application.


The AeroStar Packers and Movers is a small scale business which is functioned particularly for the shifting of household goods. The aerostar offers you the standard shifting solutions at your budget and expectations.The client Chose tresflex out of many, because we were able to offer the best value proposition and staff for them with thier full satisfaction.

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Skalable Technologies is a IT solutions and services company providing IT consulting and technology services. This website is used to enhance the global delivery model, innovative software platforming approach and industry expertise. this Skalable team gave us this work in order to improve the customer service and also increase productivity.

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