Quality Assurance

At Tresflex, development and implementation processes involve three major steps. The first is the planning stage, where we focus on very specific goals and either select or develop the tools needed to achieve them. Once the design is completed, it is reviewed and revised until we are certain that we have found the right solution for you. Finally, before delivery, our solutions undergo vigorous testing: we will not deliver unless we are sure that you will be satisfied. We make sure your app has been subjected to precise internal quality assessments. By the time our clients review the application before it goes live, there aren’t any faults left to find.

Our Software Testing Tools

  • Selenium
  • Apache JMeter
  • Appium

  • Robotium
  • Monkey talk
  • Sauce labs

Quality Assessments for Quality Assurance

What goes into our comprehensive testing process? First, we make sure that we have stayed true to the original design. That is, the coded version will be identical to the original design that you approved. Any adjustments that are made are discussed with the client in advance, and are only there to improve. There are no surprises for you along the way, no minor changes in font or infinitesimally different bullets. We look at every detail, and we’re especially careful when it comes to rollover effects, links and menus.

Our Applications are Picture Perfect

Expect us to diligent in the way your app’s and web project’s development is undertaken. Whereas our tech wizards leverage the smartest tech tools, our design experts ensure that the development objects are coherent with your branding, and deliver an enjoyable customer experience. We test applications on different browsers and different platforms to ensure consistent performance. We’re happy to let you have a look: you’ll find everything in place, from the privacy policy to the custom system components, and not a single dead link in sight.