Web App Testing

Web application testing is mainly used to test the applications that are hosted on the web using the software testing technique. These techniques are used by our developers in order to make your application a perfect one without any errors. In web application testing we used to check the actions performed in the application like verifying data integrity, checking the wrong inputs and also verifying whether there is no dead page. We make the customers be satisfied by making their app easy to use by testing all the contents,  controls and navigations. We also test the interface from one system to another in web application.

Web application testing is used to test the load, stress, soak which are the performance done to verify the sever run time. In web app testing we also measure the time needed to sustain the work load in the system. The security testing is also done as to check whether the application is well secured and whether the unauthorized access can be done.

Our web application testing uses the techniques like

Tresflex offer a complete range of web app testing services to identify and eradicate all possible issues / bugs that may commonly arises when your application goes live.

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Functionality testing

Your web app will be tested for all functional requirement, specifications and features for which it has been developed. This functionality testing shall be either manual or automated by the test cases developed based on the project requirement to determine the expected output performance by feeding the actual input.


Usability testing

Your first step to success of your web application mainly depends on the achievement in ease of user interface usage by end user. Our usability testing helps to understand the real user experience in terms of learnability, efficiency & memorability required to deliver the quality application that will be acceptable by new user because of reduced learning curves.


Compatibility testing

Verifies the compatibility of web application built with computing environment to various other objects such as operating system, Networks, web browsers, hardware’s and devices. We perform this non-functional testing to prove the fact that our applications are proficient enough to work with real environment and not just limited to virtual environment.


Performance testing

High performance of application is vital and it’s mandatory to make your business to be live in this competitive world. At tresflex, we eliminates the web applications bad performance under the expected work load and make sure it meets the performance criteria by carrying out quantitative test in lab to determine the response time.


Reliability testing

We carry out reliability testing of web application to discover and remove the failure before the application goes on live in client server. Our applications are tested repeatedly unless we get the consistent result to prove that the applications meets the customer reliability requirement and free from any sort of failure for a specified period of time.


Security testing

Proper firewall will be provided to ensure that your web application is not susceptible to any kind of external attacks or unauthorized login. And the testing is done to avoid any information leakage by encrypting the application and also the safe behavior of application during malicious attack will be ensured during security testing.